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Arabian Tassel Bracelet

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Arabian Tassel Bracelet

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Glue Beadalon G-S Hypo Cement 1/3oz
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X Gold Plated Charm Carrier 5mm Pk1
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Gold Plated Brass Jumprings 5mm Pk20
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"X" Gold Faceted Hematite 10mm Round Beads Pk10
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Arabian Tassel Bracelet

Difficulty: Intermediate


 Step 1. Cut a piece of elastic which measures slightly bigger than your wrist size. Do this twice.

Step 2. Using both strands of elastic thread your Semi Precious Coffee Agate Beads and your Hematite Beads in the same order as the picture shows. (we’ve used a total of 17 beads)

Please note: when you are threading on your beads you will also need to thread on a lobster clasp. This clasp needs to sit in the centre of the bracelet.

Step 3. The last bead that you thread on should be the gold plated charm carrier.

Step 4. Double knot both pieces of elastic and hide the knot in the charm carrier. Add a dab of nail varnish to the elastic to make the knot more secure.

Step 5. Attach your tassels to the lobster clasps and attach the clasps to the charm carrier.

Step 6. Finally attach the connector to the the lobster clasp you postioned in the centre of the bracelet earlier. Glue your Swarovski Crystal into the connector.