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Aquarium Bracelet

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Aquarium Bracelet

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Aquarium Bracelet

Designed by: Laura

Difficulty: Intermediate


 Do you want to learn how to make this bright and colourful surfer style Beach Bead Bracelet? You can do so by following the step by step tutorial.




Step 1

Cut approx 1 metre of  the white cord.

Step 2

Fold the cord in half and tie a knot where the fold is to form a loop.

Step 3

Cut another 1 metre of cord and tie onto the base cord by the knot. You should now have 4 strands      of cord to work with.

Step 4

Do 2 complete square knots. To learn how to do square knots you can watch our You Tube Video

Step 5

Thread on your first beach bead and do half a square knot.

Step 6

Add the next bead and again do half a square knot, going the opposite way to the one before.

Step 7

Continue adding the beads and doing half knots in between until all the beads have been added.

Step 8

Do 2 complete square knots.

Step 9

Take one strand from the knotting and one base strand and twist the two together. Then do the same      with the two remaining strands.

Step 10

Knot the ends and trim any excess threads.

Step 11

Use these twisted strands to attach the bracelet to your wrist.