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Aqua Seashore Ceramic Bracelets

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Designed by: Laura

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make these Aqua Ceramic Bracelets using bright new aqua and blue rondelle beads.
Please note - the star connector bead is now out of stock. You can find more ceramic beads HERE.

Step 1

Blue Star (blue connector, blue beads, cream cord)

Cut a piece of cord.

Thread through the connector and knot.

Thread beads on and knot.

Finish by threading both ends through a bead and creating a sliding knot.


Step 2

Blue Beaded (blue beads, cream cord)

Cut three pieces of equal length cord.

Thread on 12 beads and knot at each end.

Plait the end strands and use this to tie the bracelet on your wrist.


Step 3

If your thread frays, you may want to add a little clear nailvarnish, a drop of glue or use a thread zapper to prevent it.