Aqua Mist Gemstone Bracelet |

Aqua Mist Gemstone Bracelet

Step 1

Cut a length of beading wire measuring approx. 11" (29cm) long. 

Onto one end, thread through a calotte, upwards through the hinge and into the clam shape. Pick up a crimp bead and thread back down through the calotte. Pull approximately 1.5" (4cm) of wire through and crush the crimp bead with chain nose pliers. 

Close the calotte around the flat crimp bead to hide it. 

Never used calottes and crimps before? Watch our useful how-to video HERE >>

Step 2

Decide on how long you want each side of your bracelet to be and lay out your beads. We chose to thread on 5 x deep blue, 10 x mid blue and 10 x light blue beads, the tube bead and then repeat the bead pattern the opposite way around. 

You will need to use less beads if you need a smaller bracelet or more for a larger bracelet. Remember, you will add an extension chain to the final design which will make the bracelet adjustable.

Step 3

Once you are happy with the beads on your wire, make sure your 1.5" tail wire is hidden under the first few beads. 

You should still have an inch or more of wire left after the last bead. Thread on a calotte and a crimp bead again. Thread back down through the calotte and push the wire through a few beads. Pull this end of wire firmly to close any gaps between beads and bring the calotte up tight to the last bead. 

Step 4

Crush the crimp bead and close the calotte around it. Cut off any excess wire after you're happy you've threaded it through enough beads away from the calotte. 

Step 5

Use the end of your round nose pliers and turn the hook on the calotte twice on itself to make a loop. Do the same on the other end of the bracelet. 

Open a jumpring and thread this onto one of the calotte loops. Add a lobster clasp to this ring and close the jumpring securely. 

Step 6

Onto the other end of the bracelet, add a jumpring and your extension chain. Close the ring securely.