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Aphrodite Amethyst Necklace

Aphrodite Amethyst Necklace

Aphrodite Amethyst Necklace

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'Purple Pond' Seed Bead Mix Assorted Sizes/Sha...


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Toho Size 6 Round Seed Beads Inside-Colour Rai...


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5328 Swarovski Crystal Bicones 4mm Cryst Light...


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Silver Felt Square Beading Foundation 9"x9" Fo...


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KO Beading Thread Grey 50m


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John James Pebble Beading Needles Size 10/12 Pk4


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Silver Plated Iron Eyepins 50mm (2 inch) Pk100


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Silver Plated Iron Jumprings 5mm 0.8mm Thick P...


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Step 1

Cut a square from your felt that is 10 x 10cms. Place your Agate pendant in the centre and sew through the hole and into the felt to secure the top in place. Use glue to fix the pendant onto the felt and allow to dry.

Step 2

Using approx 6ft of thread, sew into your felt and thread on beads in the pattern size 6 seed bead, crystal bicone. Measure the length of the beads around the edge of the druzy pendant so you get a snug fit. Stitch back into the felt and pull tight to get the beads closely around the pendant. Secure the beads in place by sewing back through every other bead.

Step 3

Continue adding rounds of beads in a pattern of your choice around the previous layer of beads. Secure in the same way. Build this up until you have 3 layers of seed beads. When you have done this, check for any loose areas and sew through them again to secure. Don't worry about the back of your felt looking messy, we will cover this.

Step 4

When you are happy your embroidered beads are securely stitched into the felt, go back through your work and trim the thread. Using scissors, carefully cut around the edge of the beads, making sure not to cut through any of your stitching. There should be a 1/2cm area left. Using your beading foundation, cut this to size to match your beaded felt. Sew around the edges of both these pieces to secure together. Use a black marker pen to colour in any exposed areas that may still be seen.

Step 5

When you are happy you have secured the pieces together neatly, stitch a jumpring  to the top of your pendant. The jumpring should be flat when the pendant is facing forward.

Step 6

Now you have completed your pendant, we will create the chain. Using eyepins, thread on one Amethyst bead, then trim and loop flush to the bead. You will need 40 of these pieces in total (20 for each side of the necklace). Connect 20 pieces together using jumprings. Do the same with the other 20. On the same end of each piece, finish one set of 20 with a jumpring, and the other with a lobster clasp.


Add a jumpring to the bottom ends of your chain and attach these to the jumpring we stitched into the pendant.


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