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Apatite Blue Tassel Bracelet

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Apatite Blue Tassel Bracelet

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Antique Silver 3-D Hollow Geometric Diamond 17x19mm Pk1
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Apatite Semi Precious Faceted Round Beads 3mm 15" Strand
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Apatite Blue Tassel Bracelet

Designed by: Kara-May

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to create this gorgeous Apatite semi-precious stone bracelet with a single charm and tassel embellishment - perfect for that party or holiday look.

Step 1

Firstly thread on your apatite stone beads onto the elastic, only thread enough to fit around the wrist the bracelet is made for. 

Step 2

Once you get to the end and you have enough of the beads, thread on your silver metal bead and your charm and tie the elastic in a tight double knot securing all the beads.

Step 3

Now make a tassel using the s-lon thread, wrap your thread around a piece of thin card, your tassel needs to be small so ensure your card is only 5-6 cm width. Once you have plenty of threads wrapped around the card take a separate piece of s-lon and thread under all the pieces on one side and tie - double knot this so it is secure. Now cut the thread on the back ensuring you are cutting half way between so you have an even tassel. Once cut neaten off the tips and wrap some s-lon around the top, this will ensure the threads hang downwards not sprayed everywhere. Now attach your jump ring and attach that to your bracelet.