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"Anne" Choker

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"Anne" Choker

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Beadalon Supplemax Monofilament Illusion Cord 0.25mm Clear 50m
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"Anne" Choker

Difficulty: Intermediate


This choker was inspired by the delicately adorned Queens of Tudor times. Use a selection of seed beads to come up with your own personalised choker.  Follow this exclusive seed bead pattern to create a unique and striking necklace fit for a queen!

We've added the seed beads used in this design to the "Materials" section, but you may wish to replace these with 3 x Size 11 seeds in your choice of colours.

Step 1

In this project, we will refer to two colours. Colour A and Colour B. Colour B can be created by mixing together two different colours before you begin. To start your choker, thread one seed bead onto approximately 10ft of illusion cord. Thread on a pearl bead (onto both strands of cord) and pull central. This will act as your push-through clasp and your stopper.

Step 2

To begin, thread on 1 colour A and 3 colour B to the right hand piece of cord. Loop the cord back through the first added colour B bead in an “O” shape and pull flush to the pearl. Repeat on the other side. Repeat from the beginning of this step again. Add on 2 colour A beads onto the right side of the cord, and 1 colour A to the left. Pull the left hand cord through the second added bead on the right side. Pull both pieces of cord tight. 

Step 3

The previous step forms the basic pattern of the rest of your necklace, so continue  repeating the entire step until the desired length is reached. To finish, thread approximately 8 seed beads onto the right hand cord and push the left hand cord back through all of them on the right side. Pull tight to form an “O” as your  clasp end. 

Step 4

Add on pearls to the centre of every other diamond. To do this,  thread on a pearl to a headpin, loop and trim then add on a jumpring.