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Annabelle Filigree Necklace

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Annabelle Filigree Necklace

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2058 Swarovski Crystal SS10 Crystal AB Flat Backs Pk24
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Annabelle Filigree Necklace

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make this Annabelle Filigree Necklace using delicate filigree flower charms, leaf charms and Swarovski Crystal bicones and flat backs. 

Step 1

Create 9 dangling charms in the following pattern.

- Attach a jumpring to one petal of a flower charm.
- Attach another jumpring to the opposite petal on the flower charm.
- Connect this to the loop of an eyepin.
- Thread a Swarovski bicone onto the eyepin, trim and loop the other end of the eyepin.
- Attach another jumpring to the new eyepin loop.
- Attach a leaf charm to this jumpring.

Step 2

Carefully glue 9 Swarovski crystal flat backs over the first 9 holes on your grid base charm. (See image)

Step 3

Attach your 9 dangling charms to the lowest loops on your grid base. 

Step 4

Add flower charms on jumprings to the remaining 7 holes above your dangling charms. 

Step 5

Cut your desired length of chain for your necklace.
Add a lobster clasp using a jumpring to one end of the chain and a jumpring to the other end of the chain. 
Find the centre loop of your chain and attach a jumpring to connect your grid base pendant.