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Annabelle Bracelet - Rose Gold

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Annabelle Bracelet - Rose Gold

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Stretch Magic Elastic Bead Cord 0.5mm Clear 10m
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Rose Gold Plated Brass Bangle Base W/Hole Inner 55x60mm Pk1
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Annabelle Bracelet - Rose Gold

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to create these 'Annabelle' bracelets Set 3 using fresh water pearls and Rose Gold charms.

Step 1

These are really simple bracelets to make, just thread on beads till it fits around your wrist.

1 - With all fresh water pearls and snowflake charm.
2 - With fresh water pearls and Key charm.

Step 2

Add Charm (with jumpring if needed) and tie and trim off excess.

NB: add a dab of nail varnish to secure the knot.

Step 3

Place pearl on to an eyepin and the loop the other end, trim of excess. Do this twice.

Step 4

Attach one end to each end of the key charm and the other to the bangle. Close the open loop on the bangle to secure it but open enough so the eyepin can clip on and off.