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'Ankh Rosary' Necklace

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'Ankh Rosary' Necklace

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'Ankh Rosary' Necklace

Difficulty: Beginner


Create this 'Ankh Rosary' Necklace using Shamballa Crystals and Agate Beads.

Step 1

Take your first eye pin and thread a sterling silver bead followed by oval agate bead and finally another sterling silver bead. Loop the end of the eye pin.
Take another eye pin, thread an Opalite round, followed by a black round bead and finally anotehr Opalite round. Loop the end of the eye pin around the previous eye pin.

Step 2

Repeat the first step, attaching each eye pin to the previous one. Continue untill you have approx 60cm of linked eye pins.

Step 3

Take both ends of the necklace, and attach to an eye pin. Thread a black round bead, followed by a Opalite Bead and finish with another Black round bead. Loop the end.

Step 4

Attach another eye pin to the previous. Thread on one Opalite Bead followed by a Shamballa Skull and finished with another Opalite Bead.

Step 5

Finish off the necklace by attachin a charm of your choice using a jump ring.