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Animal Kingdom

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Animal Kingdom

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Animal Kingdom

Difficulty: Beginner


This project has been archived as some items used are no longer stocked. You may find alternatives to use or use it as inspiration.

Learn how to make this 'wild print' bracelet, using hand painted animal print glass beads. Animal print beads include, Cheeta, Cobra, Tiger, Tortoise, Zebra. 




Step 1

Cut your elastic cord to your desired length. You may want to cut a longer piece to give you more to play with. The elastic needs to easily go round your wrist twice.

Step 2

Thread your Animal Print Beads on to your elastic through in any order you wish.

Step 3

Once you have threaded all the beads on, go back round and thread again, so that the beads have been strung twice. This step might seem quite fidley but it’s worth it as it will make the bracelet more secure.

Step 4

Tie the elastic with a double knot and for extra security add a dab of clear nail varnish.