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Angelic Dreams Bracelet

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Angelic Dreams Bracelet

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Sterling Silver 925 Guardian Angel Charm 14x18mm Pk1
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Sterling Silver 925 Curved Noodle Tube Bead 35mm Inner-2mm Pk1
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x Sterling Silver 925 Filigree Small Butterfly 7.5x10mm Pk1
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Sterling Silver 925 Small Dove Hollow Charm 8x13mm Pk1
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Information about project:

Angelic Dreams Bracelet

Difficulty: Beginner


Create this beautiful Angelic Dreams Bracelet using rose quartz beads and Sterling Silver charms and findings!

Step 1

Creating your two rose quartz charms;

Thread a bead onto an eyepin, create a loop close to the bead and trim the wire. 
Thread the dove charm onto one end of the eyepin. 

Repeat for the second bead charm using the butterfly charm. 

Step 2

Cut approx 7" of elastic, or the amount you think will be adequate for your wrist size. 

Step 3

Tie a knot at one end of the elastic and thread on approx. 17 beads. 

Step 4

Next, thread on your tube bead, and then thread a bead charm, the angel charm and the final bead charm onto the tube. 

Step 5

Finish the bracelet by knotting the two ends of elastic together.
Secure with a drop of glue for extra security. 
Hide the knot inside of the tube bead.