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Angel Whispers Necklace

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Angel Whispers Necklace

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Gold Plated Jump Rings 6mm 0.8mm Thick Pk50
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X-Gold Plated Clear Colour Crystal Chain 4mm Pre Cut 1 Metre Length
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Angel Whispers Necklace

Designed by: Katrina

Difficulty: Beginner


*MINI-MAKE*  Create a beautiful long necklace to wear this Summer with a unique agate gemstone pendant and sparkling crystal chain.

As featured on the Bead's Direct blog.

Step 1

Cut the chain to your desired length. I recommend a long chain for this project so between 28-32 inches long. (You could have enough chain remaining to make a matching bracelet!). Open a jumpring with your pliers and loop it through the top of the angel wing charm. Connect it to the center of your chain, going through the chain link. Open 2 more jumprings and attach the toggle clasp to the ends of the chain.