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Amethyst Bubble Bracelet

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X-Sterling Silver 925 Snowflake Bubble Spacer Beads 7mm Pk20
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Amethyst Round Beads 8mm 15" Strand
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Difficulty: Beginner


When this bracelet is made it will fit upto a 6 inch wrist comfortably possibly a 6 1/2 inch wrist. If you need it to fit a bigger size, add more amethyst beads.

Step 1

Cut a piece of elastic approx. 30cm long.

Step 2

Thread on 15 Snowflake Spacer Beads and position in the centre of the elastic.

Step 3

Thread on a amethst bead followed by a sterling silver round bead and repeat on either side until your bracelet reaches your desired length.

Step 4

Knot the elastic to secure. You may wish to add a dab of glue or some clear nail polish to make sure the knot holds.