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Amazon Love Necklace

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"X" 1088 Swarovski Crystal Chaton SS39 8mm Crystal Royal Green Pk2
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Natural Apatite Semi Precious Rounds 8mm Pk10
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Designed by: Laura Bajor

Difficulty: Beginner


Mix up your NEW semi-precious beads to make a simple necklace with feature heart clasp and a bit of Swarovski sparkle!

Step 1

Cut an arms length of cord and tie one end onto the heart. Thread on your beads, repeating 1 natual apetitie, then two amazonite and repeat a further four times.

Step 2

String on approx 9 inches of amazonite beads, followed by 1 natural appetite and 2 amazonite and repeat as in step 1.

Step 3

String on 7 of the 4mm natural apetite beads, tie then end of your cord onto the feather charm and trim your cord.

Step 4

Glue 1 Swarovksi crystal into the heart, and the other into the setting. Attach the crystal setting to the feather charm and allow to dry.