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Alexander Mcqueen Inspired Necklace

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Alexander Mcqueen Inspired Necklace

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Alexander Mcqueen Inspired Necklace

Difficulty: Beginner


This design is now in our inspirations archive. As this design was created some time ago we sadly no longer stock all the products to create our design, but can still be useful for inspiration.

Step 1

Cut approx. 45 links of chain. Hang the skull charm from the centre link.

Step 2

Thread a piece of wire through the cross and create a loop at either end. Attach the bottom loop to the same link as the skull.

Step 3

Cut another 31 links of chain and attach the centre link to the loop at the top of the cross. Join the ends of chain together at each end using a jump ring.

Step 4

Thread a small black skull bead, a shamballa fashion bead and another small black skull bead on to an eyepin and make a loop at the top of the eyepin. Repeat this so you have two beaded eyepins.

Step 5

Attach a beaded eyepin to each jump ring -they will sit either side of the necklace so far.

Step 6

Finish by adding approx. 23 links of chain to either side, and attach a toggle clasp using jump rings.