Instructions on how to make this stunning 'African Savannah' ' zebra print seed bead bracelet |

African Savannah Bracelet

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African Savannah Bracelet

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Beadalon Jewel Loom 2.75x10.5" with Instructions, Needle, Threader and Pouch
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African Savannah Bracelet

Difficulty: Expert


Follow the instructions on how to make this stunning 'African Savannah' zebra seed bead bracelet using a beading loom. 

Marty Zebra Print Bracelet

Step 1

Print out a blank loom bead pattern maker HERE or a pre made one HERE. (this pattern fits a 5 1/2 inch wrist extend it if yours is larger).

TIP: Write down the numbers and colours you will need for each row, to save you counting whilst making the should total 21 beads.

Step 2

Set up the loom as described in the instruction booklet included with the loom.

TIP: I left a gap between every 3rd cord (it will be clear as to why once you start).

Step 3

Add your size 11 seed beads as explained in the loom instructions, following your pattern you have drawn out.

TIP: Cross off each row once you have completed it.

Step 4

Once pattern is completed, folllow the instructions in the loom book to take it off the loom.

Step 5

Split the threads into 5 groups and thread each group through each whole and tie them all up together.