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“A Midsummer Night’s Bride” Tiara

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“A Midsummer Night’s Bride” Tiara

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Copper Craft Wire Leaf Green 3014 0.5mm 25m Reel
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5714 Swarovski Star Bead 8mm Crystal AB Pk6
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Craft Wire Gunmetal 0.5mm 25m Reel
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Silver Colour Tiara Base Double Band 14" Pk1
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Miyuki Long Magatama 4x7mm Duracoat Galvanized Frosted Silver 10g
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Information about project:

“A Midsummer Night’s Bride” Tiara

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make this “A Midsummer Night’s Bride” Tiara using Swarovski bicones, flower crystal beads, glass pearls, craft wire and double band tiara base.

Step 1

1. As this tiara is very woodland themed, you don’t need to be a wire wrapping expert as the finish on this is meant to be delicate, yet rugged. Begin by wrapping brown wire across your tiara base, periodically adding 6mm bicones in an even fashion, securing and trimming at each end. Work straight from the spool. 

Step 2

2. You can then build up your design by adding on loops of pearls by threading on 6-7 to your wire followed by more wire loops - this creates even spacing around your bicones. This sets up the base design for your own creative freedom!

Step 3

3. To create the flower motifs use green wire to ‘stitch’ Long Magatama beads together, twisting and shaping as you go to get the final shape. This doesn’t have to be perfect every time due to the nature of the finished piece.  Add these flowers onto varied lengths of twisted wire “spines” (twisted with a focal crystal in the centre of the wire).  Leave a couple of centimetres of wire free at the end of your wire spines and wrap into spaces between your bicones (on the tiara base).

Step 4

4.  Keep building your tiara up by adding on wire spines across your tiara base, attaching your beaded flowers periodically to your design. Use a variety of shaped crystals including bicones, flowers and stars for a real dreamy and fairy-like look. 

Step 5

5. When you are happy with the spacing and design of your spines, you can now wire wrap on leaf charms to the back of the tiara, starting with the middle leaf and working your way out. Use a 15 cm length for each charm and use the holes in them to assist with the wrapping. Twist and trim your wire when you are happy the charms are securely in place.