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A Hint of Pink Bracelet

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A Hint of Pink Bracelet

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A Hint of Pink Bracelet

Designed by: Holly Eve

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make this Hint of Pink Bracelet using leather cord and shining pink seed beads.

Step 1

Cut a length of leather cord twice as long as your wrist measurement, plus 1/2cm.

Step 2

Fold your leather cord in half and create a rounded loop at the centre. Add a little glue to secure together the cords below this loop to hold it together while you make your bracelet. Don't glue all the way to the end of the cords. 

Step 3

Start macrame square knotting below the loop. Click here to watch a short tutorial on how to macrame square knot.

Step 4

Create 1 complete macrame square knot.
To the next half knot, thread a bead onto the thread which is pulled to the side in a loop shape.
Continue with the rest of the knot. When you have finished the knot, start a second knot and add a bead on the opposite side of the bracelet. 
There should be two 'bridge' shapes between each bead on either side (see image)

Step 5

Continue this pattern until there is approx. 3cm of leather cord left to cover. 
Finish your knotting, add a drop of glue to secure the last knots and trim the threads. 

Step 6

1cm below your macrame knotting, start weaving a length of thread in and out in this pattern.

Start by going OVER then UNDER the LEFT – then pulling the cord tight through the middle. Then move OVER and UNDER the RIGHT. Make sure you are keeping the tension by pulling the cord tight after each turn.
When you get to the end of the leather, tie a knot and position it at the end of the leather on the underside. Add a drop of glue to secure it to the end of the leather. 

Step 7

To make the toggle clasp thread 3 or 4 beads onto the combined threads at the end of your bracelet. Put this to the side for a moment. 

Take a headpin add a little glue. Slide on your beads so that they are secured onto the headpin. Glue on the amount of beads needed to cover the whole 1" headpin. You may need to trim the end of the headpin with cutters if it is too long to be covered. 

Step 8

Take your two cords on your bracelet and wrap these over the centre beads on your headpin. Bring the cords back to the bracelet, wrapping in and out of the beads and knotting at the base of them. Add more glue to secure your wrapped threads and trim the threads. Be careful not to leave sharp edges that will irritate your skin.