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Simple Semi Precious Bracelet - 5 Minute Make

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Simple Semi Precious Bracelet - 5 Minute Make

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Curved tube bead / surgical steel / 40mm / hole 2.4mm gold / 1pcs
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Heart - love / charm pendant / 8x7mm / gold plated / hole 2mm / 4pcs
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Ocean agate / round / 8mm / 46pcs
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Information about project:

Simple Semi Precious Bracelet - 5 Minute Make

Difficulty: Beginner


Stretch bracelets have to be one of the simplest jewellery making projects of all time. All you need is elastic cord and some pretty beads for an instant bracelet. Create this fab little bracelet using any of our stunning Semi Precious Beads that will only take you a couple of minutes to complete! 

Tip: Make sure your Jump Ring will pass through your charms by checking the Loop Hole size against the gauge/thickness of your Jump Ring. Ensure your Jump Ring is large enough to encase the Curved Tube Bead whilst carrying the 2 Charms.

Products required:
8mm Semi Precious Beads
Elastic Cord
Curved Tube Bead
2 Charms
Jump Rings (at least 10mm)

We have included some mini video tutorials for those new to beading to help you with some of the basics.
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Step 1

Cut approx 7" of elastic, or the amount you think will be adequate for your wrist size. 

Step 2

Thread approx. 17 beads onto the elastic cord  (adjust quantity to fit your wrist).

Step 3

Next, thread on your tube bead.
Using pliers, add your charms to a jump ring and slip this ring over the curved tube bead.

Step 4

Finish the bracelet by knotting the two ends of elastic together with a surgeon's knot.
If you wish, add a drop of glue to the knot for extra security.
Hide the knot inside of the tube bead. 

Step 1

Step 5