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12 Designs of Christmas Day 8 - Gatsby Necklace

Products used in project:

12 Designs of Christmas Day 8 - Gatsby Necklace

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Nymo Beading Thread Size D 0.3mm White 64yards
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Beadalon Gold Plated Crimp Tubes 1.8mm Pk100
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Jumprings gold-plated 8mm. Pack of 100
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CrystaLove™ crystals / glass / round / 4mm / gold / lustered / 100pcs
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Lobster clasp / surgical steel / 10mm / gold / 4pcs
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CrystaLove™ crystals / glass / faceted round / 8mm / gold/ lustered / 65pcs
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Onyx / round / 6mm / black / 64pcs
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Information about project:

12 Designs of Christmas Day 8 - Gatsby Necklace

Designed by: Olivia Newton

Difficulty: Beginner


On the 8th Design of Christmas my true love gave to me...a Gatsby Necklace! 

I decided to recreate the stunning Gatsby Necklace using semi-precious stones and CrystaLove gold faceted rounds. This statement piece is perfect for all of those glamorous Christmas parties we have coming up, and the best thing about this necklace is that you can recreate it in whatever colour combination you like, making it perfect to wear with any outfit! You can also adapt the design to whichever size of bead you would like, adding more or less tassels at the base just like in the images above.


Products used;

Semi-Precious Stones in 6mm – I chose Onyx U8675 X2

CrystaLove Faceted Rounds in 8mm & 4mm - U4609 X1 & S4916 X1

Jump Rings - F1212 X1

Crimp Tubes - F242 X1

TOHO Size 11 Seed Beads - 11TR999 X1

Lobster Clasp - U3199 X1

Connector Charm - U3412 X4

Nymo Beading Thread

Jewellery Wire - U4741 X1

Beading Needle

Chain Nose/Flat Nose Pliers & Side Cutters

Step 1

To make the tassel – Take a Jump Ring and approx. 1m of Beading Thread. Thread the Nymo onto the needle and tie it onto the jump ring at the opposite end to the opening.

Step 2

Thread on 10x4mm Faceted Rounds, 4x6mm Onyx Rounds & 5x8mm Faceted Rounds. Add a seed bead at the end and then thread the needle back up through all of the beads you just strung. Make sure the beads are pulled tight and then stitch the thread back around the jump ring.

Step 3

Repeat step 2 until you have as many tassel strands as you like. In my design, I chose to add a different number of size 8mm faceted rounds to each strand to make it look graduated, but you can make them all the same length if you prefer. If you need more thread, fasten off the piece you are working with and then tie another piece onto the Jump Ring.

Step 4

Now we are going to create the Mobius Weave element with jump rings. Follow the Mobius Weave instructions here. For my design I used one rosette of jump rings and then attached 3 jump rings to 1 jump ring to create a three-link piece.

Step 5

To create the necklace – Cut a piece of wire approx. 25cm long. Thread through the singular jump ring from which your tassel is hanging until the tassel sits in the middle of the wire. Thread 1x4mm faceted round, 1x6mm Stone, 2x4mm faceted rounds and 1x6mm stone. Thread these onto both ends of the wire together.

Step 6

Separate the ends of wire and thread 1x4mm faceted round, 5x6mm stones, and 1x4mm faceted round onto each strand. Add a crimp tube to each piece of wire and add a connector charm to each side. Thread back through the crimp tube and pull the wire tight. Crimp the tube as close to the connector and 4mm bead as you can and cut off any excess wire. Repeat on the other side.

Step 7

Now cut 2x10cm pieces of wire. Thread on a crimp tube to each and thread them through the other end of the connector and back through the crimp. Squash the crimp flat and cut off the excess wire again. Thread on 1x4mm faceted round, 1x6mm stone and 1x4mm faceted round. Add another crimp and connector to the other end. Repeat this on both sides of the necklace.

Step 8

Cut approx. 2 x 40cm pieces of wire. Thread through the other end of the connector and add another crimp. Then thread on 35x6mm rounds (You can make this as long or as short as you want). Crimp the other end of the wire adding your lobster clasp as you create the loop on one side. Repeat this on the other side but using the loop you created with the wire on this side we will add on the jump rings.

Step 9

Add your jump rings to the other side to create an extension chain by linking them together.

Step 10

Your necklace is finished! Please share your finished design on our Facebook group

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