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12 Designs of Christmas Day 2 - Snowflake Crochet Bracelet

Information about this project

Designed by: Viktoria Denyer

Difficulty: Intermediate


On the 2nd Day of Christmas my true love sent to me...a Snowflake Crochet Bracelet designed by Viktoria Denyer.  

We have fallen in love with this crochet bracelet. Gather your seed beads and let your fingers make the magic happen. 

All designs are created for your inspiration, so feel free to adapt it or change the colours. Let’s see how you do it YOUR WAY!

Let's Stitch! 


TOHO Size 11 Seed Beads (3 colours) 

Crochet Hook 0.75 or 0.1


9mm Cord Ends with Extension Chain & Lobster Clasp 

Glue - Hasulith

Step 1

Download your project sheet HERE. 

Step 2

We hope you like the design. Don’t forget to use #BeadsDirect, so we can easily find you and compliment your creations :)

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