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TOHO One-G™ Thread

TOHO One-g threads are 100% nylon, very strong threads, made in Japan by TOHO. The One-g thread has many advantages. It's very thin, so it will pass even very tiny 15/0 beads. In addition, it does not pill or fray, which is very important not only when threading the needle, but also when sewing. Your work will look smooth, clean and tidy. At the same time, it's strong and durable. Jewellery made using this thread is stronger, meaning we do not have to worry that the thread will break in the middle of the project and the beads fall on the floor. These threads can be reused as many times as you need. They are also covered with a special substance, so that they do not tangle meaning you no longer need to use wax. Just unwind the necessary amount of thread from the bobbin, stretch it a little and straighten it in your fingers and it is ready to use immediately. In addition, the ends of the threads can be scorched, making it is easier to finish your work, because after scorching and a light press with a finger, the end of the thread sticks to the beads. 

One-G is perfect for stitches like peyote, brick stitch, RAW, herringbone and more. It's perfect for bead Embroidery and Soutache too. You can also use it when working on the loom and wherever you need a thin, but strong thread. Each spool contains 46 meters of thread. They are available in only one thickness: 330 dtex, i.e. approx 0.35 mm and 22 colours