KNORR prandell™ / beading loom / 35x11.5x6cm / 1pcs |

KNORR prandell™ / beading loom / 35x11.5x6cm / 1pcs

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Package contains 1pcs
Size 35mm x 11mm x 6mm
Colour Natural

A Loom for beads. The package contains 1 piece. 

Our set consists of 9 wooden elements for self-assembly. This seemingly small loom for jewellery gives you huge possibilities. With it you can create literally everything: from delicate Bracelets with intricate patterns, through to Earrings, Necklaces, Gerdans, Rings and even Purses!
You can create your projects according to ready made, free or paid designs or according to your own individual idea. A little skill, patience and a splash of imagination is all you need.
Here, as in any other field of hand made crafts, it's the skill that makes the master - you can learn everything. If a bracelet caught your eye, or other jewellery made on a loom, you certainly know that it is worth it :)

With the most valuable opinion is the one coming from the experience, we asked Paula from Kramu (Paula creates small works of art on the loom) Paula says: "The biggest advantage of this loom for bracelets is high durability, very important during work".  

The loom will fit virtually any smaller beads, such as TOHO or Miyuki. 

The internal length of the loom is 25 cm.

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Can the pegs at the end be removed?
Hi Patricia, Thank you for your FAQ. I can confirm the pegs at the end of the loom can be removed. I hope this helps. Kind regards, Olivia
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