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Jewellery Making Wire

Our range of jewellery making wires are available in different thickness and softness for all your jewellery making needs. Use copper wire for wrapping beads, jewellery wire for stringing beads, memory wire for bracelets and much more.

34 gauge wire (awg) = 0.16mm ( 0.006”) Good for wire knitting and twisting. Too fine for firm shaping.
28 gauge wire (awg) = 0.32mm ( 0.013”) Good for wire twisting and knitting.
26 gauge wire (awg) = 0.40mm ( 0.015”) Good for wire twisting and knitting.
24 gauge wire (awg) = 0.51mm ( 0.020”) Good for wire crafts and general use.
20 gauge wire (awg) = 0.81mm ( 0.032”) Good for making jewellery.
18 gauge wire = 1.02mm ( 0.040”) Good for making heavy jewellery as long as the bead holes are big enough.