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Jewellery Making Glue

Jewellery making glue is a must have for every crafter. Ensure you always leave the glue on the piece to dry thoroughly as if not, it will change position, curl, fall out or even change color. Important features of jewellery adhesives are their transparency, consistencies and services. Different glues have different drying times, so always make sure you read the instructions.
Jewellery making glue is used to connect different elements together. Most often we use it to make bracelets and necklaces from leather or jewellery cords. We use jewellery glue by attaching strings or straps to metal fasteners, magnetic fasteners or decorative metal tips with which the jewellery product is finished. We also often use it for strengthening various types of structures, knots or loops. For example, add a drop of glue under your crimp beads for a secure finish. You can also use it for fixing cabochons into their setting. Jewellery making glue may also be used in creating brooches or felt earrings. The use of glue in any technique requires precision and a steady hand, and surfaces must always be thoroughly cleaned in advance.