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Jewellery making findings

Jewellery findings

Jewellery making findings are a wide range of products, without which it would be impossible to create the simplest necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings. In each jewellery workshop, there are hundreds and maybe even thousands of these elements. jewellery making supplies in the UK range is still growing and new styles are being designed in line with fashion trends.

Jewellery making components

They are usually made of metal (iron, copper, stainless steel or sterling silver), however, there is a wide range of acrylic or rubber-based products available. Jewellery components are used to connect, modify, decorate and finish ornaments that we create and it is thanks to them that elegant pendants, beautiful necklaces, unique earrings and stylish bracelets are made. Examples of jewellery parts helpful for jewellery creation are. Earwires, clasps or toggle settings, as well as chains, jewellery headpins, spacers and many more.