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Jewellery making beads

Jewellery making beads serve to create designs in the form of necklaces, earrings, bracelets or rings. Glass beads and jewellery have been going hand in hand for centuries, and this applies to almost all of the techniques in which work done by hand-made artists is created. The colours, patterns, sizes and textures in which glass beads are available to give the creators an endless opportunity to choose the right beads for the jewellery they make. The jewellery beads we have an available range in colour, size, shape and weight, making them usable for a huge range of different designs. Jewellery making beads are required in many different ways for projects and even if we are using a technique that is not directly based on beads, we still need them to finish the design, to make ball clasps or use them in the function of decorative detail. Beads for jewellery can be threaded on stringing materials, jewellery chain or even be wrapped with a jeweller's wire for beautiful designs. Explore our range below!