Gold Apollo - Full Coat NIB-BIT Glass Beads 5mm x 6mm 10g |

Gold Apollo - Full Coat NIB-BIT Glass Beads 5mm x 6mm 10g

Code: BG0772

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Colour Gold
Size 5mm, 6mm
Package contains Qty is approx

Get These Gold Apollo - Full Coat NIB-BIT Glass Beads for a Fun Metallic Look. The beads are a slightly pyramid shape with a flat base. The holes have a glossy smooth surface that does not tear off any stringing material. These unique NIB-BIT beads are twin hole beads and are compatible with many other beads.

  • Bead measures approx. 5mm x 6mm
  • Threading hole measure approx. 0.9mm
  • Sold in a pack of 10g (approx. 55 beads)
NameJulie Harris
CommentVery useful shape makes very nice patterns easy to use with most other products. Good colours, again need a wide range of colours to chose from, suggestions pale colours, pink mauve, pearlisjed, etc.
NameMichelle Hodgson
CommentLove the nib bit beads they make great pendents .
NameDenise Davies
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NameMarjorie Mann
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NameAnita Templeton
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