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Diamond paintings


ARE diamond painting for beginners?

Yes and no! Yes, because diamond painting is so easy to use that it is even suitable for manual work for loved ones. No, because more advanced crafters are also tied up with it. Bead painting is a great way to relax, especially if you like simple crafts where you can literally "float away".

5D diamond mosaic is a perfect gift

The 5D diamond mosaic is perfect for a DIY gift. Each of you can put a little bit of yourself and your work in its implementation, thanks to which the final effect will become your work. If you are looking for an idea for manual work for close ones, you can be sure that the diamond painting will engage them for a long time. Sticking pictures with diamonds require concentration, so you can train your concentration and patience pleasantly and easily. Join us!

Diamond painting is the easiest way to spend time creatively, both alone and in a larger family circle. We know fit for a fact that it draws both young and older audience. Making diamond mosaic pictures using beads is so simple that even young ones can have fun with it. Also, it's absorbing enough for adults to commit to it. Do not be fooled by the "embroidery" in the name, because you will not need any needle here. In the set, you will find diamonds described according to the markings in the picture and all the necessary tools to finish the diamond mosaic picture. Diamonds in the colour of your choice are poured onto a tray, and then using a pink "pen" you take a bead and stick it in the right place in the picture. If diamonds catch on the "pen" weakly, you can soak it a bit in the glue included in the kit. When there is no free field in the picture with the marking you have chosen, it means that it is time to move on to the next colour of diamonds. And that would be enough!

Diamond painting with beads

And we were not saying that playing with beads is a simple craft, with a unique result. 5D diamond mosaic is ideal for manual exercises for younger ones. Handwork has a whole lot of advantages - it absorbs for long hours, provides great satisfaction, allows you to train patience, concentration and precision. It has always been known that family crafts are the best ideas for spending time together.

What's more, larger images of diamond mosaic will be great as creative fun for the whole family. Creating pictures together will engage you for many long hours and provide a lot of fun. And most importantly - you will be satisfied with the result. After bead painting craft is finished just frame it and hang it on the wall.

Diamond painting kits

Diamond painting kit is a great idea for a simple DIY gift. If you would like to make a gift for your family member, the diamond painting kit is a perfect choice.