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Diamond paintings

Is diamond painting for beginners only? Yes and no! Yes, because it is so easy to use, that it is even suitable for children, and no because there are more complex designs for those who are more experienced. 5d diamond mosaic pictures are a great way to relax, especially if you like simple crafts, where you can literally "float away".
If you are looking for an idea to keep the kids entertained, you can be sure that diamond painting will keep them busy. Colouring pictures with crystals requires concentration, thanks to which the kids can practice concentration and patience in a pleasant and unconstrained way, and you can too!
In the set you will find crystals described in accordance with the markings placed on the picture and all the necessary tools to finish the picture. Pour the correct colour crystals onto the tray, and then using the pick up pen take a crystal and stick it in the right place on the picture. If you are struggling to stick the crystal, just use the pick up pen and dip it in some of the attached sticky wax. When there is no free space in the 5d diamond mosaic with the crystal colour you chose first, it means that it's time to move on to the next crystal color. The diamond paintings come on a fabric mosaic for you to frame. 

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