Fimo (polymer)

FIMO is a brand of Polymer Clay and is one of the best known brands when it comes to oven-hardening modelling materials.
What makes this product great is that it suitable for the whole family.  For instructions on how to use Fimo Clay Click Here.

We currently stock 2 types of FIMO Clay;  Soft and Effects.
FIMO Soft is exceptionally easy to knead and ready to use in no time at all making it the ideal oven-hardening modelling clay for the entire family! Available in 24 colours
FIMO Effects is also smooth and is to knead. It is available in 24 colours and five different effects - for special applications and techniques

FIMO Soft and FIMO Effects can be mixed together to create some fantastic colours and/or effects.

Want some FIMO Inspiration? You can download some FIMO tutorials here