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Charms and Pendants

Jewellery has always allowed people to express themselves, show what they are and how they feel. The best form for this is hand-made jewellery. Mainly because of the unique character of such decorations. To personalize jewellery even more, the creators began to reach for various charms and other pendants. Thanks to them, you can easily decorate any necklace, bracelet, or keyring and show a unique style. Each jewellery piece decorated with an original pendant in a large size or a small charm give a feeling of individuality, and because each of them is different it will have a different meaning for the owner. Thanks to such jewellery findings as decorative hangers, we can enrich and diversify our work, but also express ourselves and what is important to us. Unique bracelets will catch your eye and make people feel special while wearing it.
Pendants and charms are decorative blanks that will allow us to complement and additionally decorate hand-made jewellery. These are small elements made of metals in various shapes. Bracelets have braces in the upper part. They are divided into two groups: large and small. The first, the larger ones we use mainly when making necklaces, pendants or earrings. These smaller ones are ideal for decorating bracelets. Meanwhile, most charms are characterized by a small clasp, with which we can fasten or detach from our jewellery at any time. Items such pendants are very individual ornaments. Jewellery made using them may reflect the momentary mood or what is most important in our life. They can also remind you of a unique and important event for us. Plain or smooth ones, which are for example heart and star shapes, are intended for engraving. There may be various interesting sentences or names of ours or people close to us. Smaller ones can be attached using a clasp or assembly ring for bracelets made of various leather straps, cords, chains or rubber straps. They fit any type of bracelet base. We can obtain simple and minimalistic jewellery by attaching one decoration, and when we want to make a more rich and complex form, we can attach several different ones.