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Chain Maille

Chain Maille is the process of linking rings in patterns. This was originally used as armour but found a new popularity as a jewellery making technique. There are various different chain maille weaves such as byzantine/birdcage, European 4-in-1, Turkish round, Full Persion/Foxtail, Half-Persian 3-1n-1, Japanese 12-in-2, Parallel/Helm's Weave and Dragonscale. These different weaves vary in skill and difficulty level, and require precise and regular ring sizes to mesh correctly and neatly. Some people make their own rings for chain maille, but this requires costly equipment. Our Chain Maille section offers a wide variety of Beadalon Artistic Wire Chain Maille Rings which are already produced in the gauge, diameter and colour for the chain maille weave of your choice. We also offer a beginner and advanced chain maille book to take you step by step through different weaves, and the chain maille tools you need to get started.