Gold Colour Acrylic Owl Button Underside Hole 17mm Pk2

Code: BU50

Product Details

Try this gold colour acrylic owl button with underside hole in your next creation. You could use this button as a clasp – simply create a loop at one end of the cord and hook it over once you’ve attached it to the other end of the cord. Or it can be easily sewn on clothes for a really special and wonderfully unique design!

  • Button measures approx. 17x16mm.
  • Button is approx. 3mm thick (exclusive of threading hole).
  • Button is approx. 7mm thick (inclusive of threading hole).
  • Threading hole measures approx. 3mm.
  • Sold in a pack of 2.
NameClare Oakley
CommentLooked good , not too plasticky
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