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Velvet Pearl Wire Earrings

Design your own wire wrapped earrings and embellish your handmade curled shapes with pretty Swarovski pearls! This cute project is so easy to personalise with different coloured beads, different coloured plated copper craft wires. Follow our quick tutorial below to make yours! 



Step 1

Create your curl shape using your jewellery pliers, with your thicker size of plated copper craft wire.

Carefully hammer your wire shape to flatten and strengthen the metal.

Repeat for your other earring.

Click here to get your Whammer Hammer.

Click here to get your steel block.

Velvet Pearl Wire Earrings

Step 2

When you are happy with your curled shape, cut a length of thinner copper wire (approx. 10-15").

Place a little of your wire along the underside of your earring and tightly wrap around this to secure it there at your starting point.

Tightly wrap 4/5 times around your earring leaving approx. 1mm between each wrap.

Velvet Pearl Wire Earrings

Step 3

Thread on a pearl bead and position it on your wire on the front of the earring.

Repeat your wire wrapping.

You will be able to slightly alter the position of your pearls after you place them.

Carry on wrapping and adding pearls until you have covered your earring.

Velvet Pearl Wire Earrings

Step 4

Finish your wire by wrapping tightly around the last wrapped sections.

You could also tuck in your wire to hide the end.

Trim your wire close to the back of the earring and spend time squashing it flat with pliers, do the same with your starting point wire.

Repeat for your second earring.

Velvet Pearl Wire Earrings

Step 5

Finally, open a jump ring and attach your ear wire to the top of the loop. Make sure your ear wire won't fall off the loop by tightening the gap using your round nose pliers if necessary. 

Velvet Pearl Wire Earrings


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