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Up-Cycled Pottery Jewellery

Pottery Pendant2
Don’t you just love it when you come across a little piece of treasure? 🔎 It might be a forgotten £5 note in your pocket, a gorgeous single bead that makes you stop and look at all it’s details, or maybe (like me) you find a piece of broken pottery and think of all the ways to re-use it!

I found these two blue pieces in my allotment at the historic site of  St.Ann’s Allotments in Nottingham when I was digging the ground ready for Spring. 🌱 I’ve had my allotment for over a year now and it’s amazing what I still find hidden below the ground level of this pre-Victorian site – thought to be the oldest and largest allotment site in Europe! I just love the raw material, their irregular shapes, and absolutely beautiful patterns. It’s crazy to think they once belonged to someone as a hand crafted pot, plate or a vase – who knows what it was! The mystery behind such treasures is fascinating, and it’s these unique qualities that make it the perfect material to re-purpose into a jewellery design.

To make a pottery pendant necklace you will need:
2mm black leather cord (TC515)
Bail (F0535)
Cord ends with chain and clasp (F249)
Broken pottery pieces
Sandpaper/ Dremel tool
GEM-TAC glue (W481)

Firstly you want your pottery pieces to have the best finish possible so it looks great and feels soft around the edges. Give the piece a gentle wash with soapy warm water to remove any dirt. Allow to dry.

Using a piece of sandpaper, gently sand the edges of the piece until it becomes white and soft to the touch. If you have a Dremel tool you can use the sanding bit for this job – just be very careful not to sand away too much! Use light, long strokes to soften edges. Clean the piece from any residue and glue the bail to the back.

Thread the pendant onto a length of leather around 16 inches long. Snip the ends of the leather at an angle and glue them into the cord ends.

You necklace is now ready to wear! Are you a fan of recycling materials into jewellery? Tell me in the comments below the most interesting treasure that you’ve found! Katrina x



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