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Tree of Life Bracelet | Mini-Make Monday

This Tree of Life Bracelet is really quick and easy to make. I love the sterling silver connector and think it works perfectly for autumnal jewellery! The new hemp cord is ideal for adding a touch of colour to the design but also keeps the bracelet light and easy to wear. You’ll have so much hemp cord left over from this design, so you could make so much more!

Project Materials

Sterling Silver 925 Tree of Life Connector 17mm (SS281)
Seafoam Hemp Semi Waxed Braiding Cord 10metres (TC0166)
Sterling Silver 925 Cord Ends with Lobster Clasp 2mm (SS69)
Sterling Silver 925 Jumprings 0.84x5mm (SS96)
Fevi Kwik Glue 2g (W271)


  1. Open two of your sterling silver jumprings and attach them to either side of your Tree of Life connector.
  2. Cut two lengths of your hemp cord – approx. 30cm each.
  3. Thread your cords through each jumpring and fold them equally in half. Trim your cords to fit your wrist size.
  4. It’s now time to attach your clasp. Add a small drop of glue into the end of your clasp and onto the hemp cord.
  5. Slot your hemp cord into either end of the end your clasp – do this one end at a time. This step can be tricky, so be careful but be aware that the glue will dry quickly.
  6. Your bracelet is now ready to wear!mm

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