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Toho Aiko Cuff Kits

Let’s face it; January isn’t one of the cheeriest of months, with our New Year’s resolutions to stick to and the post-holiday comedown as we return to work and our daily routines..but don’t let the January blues bring you down! Here at BD, we’re bringing you the perfect accessory to spring into the New Year with a bold splash of colours to lift your spirits. So check out the BAND NEW range of Toho Aiko Beaded Cuff Kits that we just launched! Nobody else will have these stunning kits as they were designed exclusively in Japan for Beads Direct with incredible features that make it a truly unique cuff that you’ll want to wear every day.

Toho means ‘Eastern Treasure’ in English and you will recognise this when you experience Toho Beads.
Their regularity in size, shape and hole size make them the perfect seed bead for detailed and precise beadwork.

Toho Aiko seed beads are renowned for their superb quality and 99% consistency in size and shape, giving you a perfectly smooth finish with killer straight edges! Each kit contains all the beads you will need to create your own beaded cuff and with nine different styles to choose from you’re guaranteed a flawless finish whichever style you choose. These tiny beads are also super lightweight so you wont be weighed down by your beaded cuff, making it perfect for the long summer days to come….at some point!IMG_7315

To reinforce the strength of the beaded cuff, the tortoise and grey base is made from an acetate that is super light and silky smooth for a comfortable yet robust finish that’s suitable for every day wear. If you want to create your own design using your bead stash, the cuff bases are available to buy separately for just £8.99 in both grey and tortoises – see them HERE. You needn’t worry about it not fitting you, as the acetate cuff can be adjusted to make it the perfect fit! To widen or tighten the cuff (before beading your design onto it!), submerge the base in warm-hot water and very gently adjust the ends.

They might look like a challenge, but when you follow the instruction sheet included with your kit the project is totally achievable to any beader. If you’re new to seed beads, starting off with the Toho Aiko beads makes life so much easier for you as they’re a pleasure to work with. So why not take advantage of the dark, January evenings and set yourself the creative challenge to bead yourself something bright and colourful for the new year. Toho Aiko Beaded Cuff Kits start from just £19.99 and are available in nine style options. Choose your favourite HERE and let us know which one you love!


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