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Swarovski Innovations – Fall/Winter 18/19

The latest Innovations from Swarovski Create Your Style encapsulate the bright, joyful colours that shine best in the sunlight and the muted, subtle hues that emerge from shadowed surroundings. Explore Swarovski’s four new themes that reflect these ideas in the form of Nostalgia (serene and minimal), Elegantia (retro and decadent), Funtasia (quirky and bright) and Urbania (raw and gritty).

This elegant theme from the Swarovski Innovations for Fall/Winter 2018/19 encapsulates our love of storytelling through fashion. ‘Nostalgia‘ has been created by lovers of Victorian style and fresh, clean tones. The theme features a minimal palette including the new Crystal Velvet Brown Pearl, Crystal Grey and ivory colour stones. Combine these with some classic tones such as Crystal Antique Pink and Vintage Rose for a romantic design.

Create statement pieces inspired by 1920’s eccentricity. This colourful theme shows off Swarovski’s new colour – Crystal Scarlet (See more below). There’s a retro feel to the ‘Elegantia‘ theme that plays out across Swarovski’s colour choices and shapes that can be combined onto simple accessories. Bright, fun tones match effortlessly with neutral vintage effects such as the new Crystal Velvet Brown pearls, Crystal Copper and Crystal Olivine beads. This sophisticated theme allows for highly embellished, textured creations and encourages wearers to decorate along hemlines, gloves, dress straps and other trims to frame simple dresses and add a splash of colour to an outfit.

The ‘Funtasia‘ theme is designed to show off a sense of positivity through fashion. The combination of primary colours and fun new shapes steers designers away from the seriousness of adulthood and brings them back to joyful, childish innocence. Combine these stunning beads and stones with more subtle tones such as Crystal Powder Yellow and Crystal Peony Pink. Make up your own quirky detailing with the brand new Fancy Eye Stones, and the fun Starbloom Fancy Stone. Combine these dazzling shapes with simple round flat backs and frame them with matching tones such as the latest Shimmer Effect beads!

The ‘Urbania‘ theme encapsulates our growing need to repair and re-use materials more in the future. The urban colours and textures reflect the city streets with a handful of rich green and golden tones added sparsely throughout designs. This streetwise theme combines metallics, iridescent pearls and sharp shapes, perfect for party-wear and city trip outfits. Get creative with dagger finishes and edgy shapes including the stunning Trilliant 3 hole sew on stone. Add a splash of colour to your Urbania style designs with the beautiful Crystal Royal Green and the effortlessly elegant Crystal Montana blue stones.


The new ‘Growing Crystal‘ druzy effect stones were designed by Iris Van Herpen to resemble a cross section of a geode. These glamorous crystals follow on from 2016’s ‘Kaputt’ pendants designed by Jean Paul Gaultier. The ideas for both designs stem from inner beauty. Van Herpen’s growing crystals emphasise the power of natural creation and the imperfections that lead to dazzling beauty. Each pendant has an amazing shine and can be paired with simple clear or jet black beads to frame them as a centre piece, or simply attached to a matching bail to hang at the centre of a necklace.


The new ‘Shimmer Effect‘ was inspired by Swarovski’s Aurora Borealis collection. The crystal’s light-refracting properties cast multiple shades of a single colour for eye catching combinations. These gorgeous Shimmer Effect crystals are available in elegant chaton sizes, classic square fancy stones and brilliantly colourful crystal bicones and faceted round beads. You can also find them in hotfix and non-hotfix crystal sizes, perfect for using to embellish accessories such as purses, scarves, gloves and stationery! You can explore more and find out how you can embellish your own accessories HERE.


Crystal Scarlet is one of the new sparkling colours that has just joined the Swarovski Fall/Winter 2018/19 colour palette. It has been described by Swarovski as an elegant shade of red. The stylish tone is available in a myriad of size and shape options including essential bicone beads, fancy stones and more, meaning the possibilities with this romantic tone are endless!



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