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Simple Filigree Bracelet | Mini-Make Monday

For this week’s Mini-make tutorial we’re keeping things super simple! As Spring and summer approaches you’ll see a lot more of these single strand bracelets on the high street with either a cute connector or charm in the middle. In keeping with the Spring theme, I’ve handpicked a beautiful new filigree tube as the main feature for these leather bracelets!

Project Materials

Pink Round Leather 2mm Cord 5m (TC700)
Grey Round Leather 2mm Cord 5m (TC518)
Silver Plated Filigree Tube Pk5 (MB815)
Silver Plated Large Toggle Clasp (F0694) x2
Antique Silver Zamak Cord Ends 2mm (F0141)
Fevi Kwik (W311)



Cut a length of leather approx 6 inches and cut the ends at a sharp angle to make a point. Put the filigree tube onto the leather. Glue each end of the leather into the cord ends and allow to dry. Attach the cord ends to the clasp with a jumpring on either end.

filigree name


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