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Simple Beaded Charms

Did you see my little beaded frog who’s been hopping about? He’s super cute, and now that the leap day has passed, he’s made a permanent new home on my desk at BD.Beaded frog  You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to make – there’re no tricky stitch to learn and no needle and thread! In fact you probably have all that you need already in your bead stash! I got the idea from a lovely book we sell called ‘100 Beaded Flowers, Trinkets and Charms’ that has so many easy beady projects that make perfect little personalised gifts. Once you go through the core techniques of the book you can easily adapt and create your own design like my little frog! I love that by using wire, you can (gently!) bend and tweak the shape a little which I think, really brings the frog to life. 

The book covers lots of different themes including ‘At the Café’, ‘In the Garden’, ‘The Bakery’ and loads favourite has to be ‘Nature Trail’ for all the cute woodland creatures and flora you can make like little mushrooms, acorns and oh my gosh there’s even a fox! Once you get started you’ll be making everything from the book.

Since I love the little fox so much, I thought I would share the pattern as a little freebie to give you an idea on how easy it is to make. Fox

Mr. Fox Beaded Charm


44 Orange Seed Beads (11TR2112)
52 White Seed Beads (11TR41)
7 Black Seed Beads (11TR49)
0.25 gauge silver wire (W116)

Cut approx 1 metre of wire and thread your first two beads to the middle.

Follow the diagram weaving either end of the wire up and through the beads to make the fox shape.

As the wire is very thin, take care not to twist the wire or pull too hard as it may break!

Attach the fox to a chain using a jumpring attached to either one of the ears for a slanted charm, or to the centre of the fox if you want to make a cute necklace pendant.

See inside the ‘100 Beaded Flowers, Trinkets and Charms’ book in the preview video and tell me what you want to make in the comments below!



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