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Seed Bead Make for Beginners

Hello Beaders! I’m here to share with you my first seed bead project – eek! As you may know, I’m relatively new to beading and only started making jewellery since I joined the BD Team in late December last year. Working around beads all day and seeing what our customer’s make on a daily basis is very inspiring but despite their huge popularity, I was apprehensive use seed beads because they looked so difficult to work with. The trouble is I really love seed bead weave designs, and cute earrings that use different stitch techniques..but I’m definitely not at that stage yet. So to begin with i’m keeping it VERY simple with this cute ‘Felicia Daisy Bracelet’.make


For this bracelet I used size 8 seed beads but you can always use a different size if you wish and change the number of flower petal beads accordingly.

Opaque Lustered White Round Seed Beads 8TR121
Opaque Frosted Turquoise Toho Round Seed Beads 8TR55F
Metallic Cosmos Round Toho Seed Beads 8TR88
Beadalon Invisible Cord 0.25mm  TC94
Antique Silver Lobster Clasp F0300
Silver Plated Jump Ring F0210

Click here to order your materials.


Step 1. Cut approx 3 feet of cord and tie a single seed bead 6 inches from the end to act as a stopper.
Step 2. Thread on 7 turquoise beads

Step 3. Thread the needle back through the hole of the first bead to create the flower petals
Step 2Step 3
Step 4. Add a white bead for the centre of the flower and position it in the middle.
Step 4
Step 5. Thread the needle through the opposite bead so you have 2 on the bottom
Step 5

Step 6. Add 3 Cosmo seed beads to space out the flowers

Step 6
Step 7. Repeat the previous steps until you reach your desired bracelet length.

Step 8. Attach a crimp bead to either end, or alternatively use a calotte to secure.

Step 8. Finish the bracelet with a simple lobster clasp and jumpring.

I hope you liked my first simple seed bead make! What was your first seed bead project, can you remember?


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