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Seed Bead Collar

This amazing beaded collar design is perfect for personalising to match your different outfits and for wearing to special occasions! Follow Pam Gipp‘s fab project and learn how to make yours below.

Project Materials

  • Size 8 white seed beads
  • Size 8 Ivory seed beads
  • Jump rings
  • Clasp
  • Crimp beads
  • S-Lon beading thread

Project Tutorial

First work out your size by measuring around the base of your neck then measure from there to the edge of your shoulder.

Step 1. Cut a length of thread measuring the length you just took to fit you. Thread on the main colour, white beads to the length required then add your clasp to both ends using a crimp bead and a jumpring (thread through a crimp, through a jumpring and back through the crimp bead. Squash the crimp to secure.)

Make sure the beads are not too tightly positioned together.

Step 2. Take a long length of thread and pass it through the first bead next to the fastener leaving about a foot of tail thread that will be woven in. Next pick up 2 white and 1 ivory until you have 48 white, ending with the white.

Step 3. Now add 1 ivory and 2 white, 3 times and bring it up to make a diamond by going through the next ivory on the previous row.

Step 4. Then pick up 2 white, 1 ivory, 2 white and go through the next ivory to complete another diamond. Continue this until you go through the last ivory in the row and then pick up two white and go through the next bead missing one.

Step 5. Continue to repeat these steps 5 times and then start missing 2 beads on the top row.

Step 6. Once you have reached the centre 5 beads on your collar, finish off your thread and weave in the ends.

Step 7. Repeat this process to make the second half of the collar and use a new piece of thread starting from the opposite end of the collar.

Connect a length of jump rings to make your extension chain on one side of your collar.


See the image below to see how one half of your collar should look.

This design is ideal for personalising to change it’s length and depth. Why not try making yours with smaller seed beads using a thin sewing thread?


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