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Say Hello to Our New 2015 Designers

Here at Beads Direct we’re super excited to announce the launch of our brand new Design Team and Brand Ambassadors.

A few months ago, we asked our talented customers to get in touch if they’d like to apply to be a part of our fab new teams.
We were overwhelmed with entries and had a tough challenge filling our limited spaces. We’d like to extend a huge ‘thank you’ once again to those who unfortunately weren’t allocated a place this time around.

Now the places are confirmed, we are thrilled to be able to introduce you to the wonderful ladies chosen for the roles!


The new Beads Direct Brand Ambassadors are true experts in their field – with many years of experience in the handmade jewellery sector. All of these designers will be new faces of the Beads Direct brand – and will be working closely with the existing BD girls to work on some exclusive projects that will be coming your way soon!

Becs Dean-Skinner

“I have been beading for 9 years, and started designing pretty much straight away. I find beading therapeutic, and often take the time to let the beads tell me what they want to be. I get most of my inspiration from nature – I particularly enjoy beading flowers. I am also very inspired by geometry, and love the way beads fit together perfectly in geometric shapes. Bead weaving is my preferred medium, although I also enjoy bead embroidery, bead crochet and experimenting with bead knitting.
I was thrilled to be selected to be part of the Beads Direct design team as it is an opportunity to share my designs with other people. I am very passionate about bead weaving and relish any opportunity to teach the techniques. The chance to see so many great designers showcase their work is very exciting.”

Jenny Argyle

“I have always had a fascination with beads and was looking for a new interest to relax after a long day in the classroom.  At the start of 2009 I enrolled on a beaded jewellery class and was shocked to be handed a needle! Luckily, a childhood of sewing prepared me well and I quickly grasped the concept of a peyote stitch.  My style tends to be mixed media – I love to combine gemstones with seed beads, crystals, fibre and wire.  Most admired is the collar I designed for Battle of the Beadsmith 2015 – ‘Lost in a desert!’

I was absolutely thrilled to be offered the role of ambassador.  I am looking forward to designing with the wide range of mediums available from Beads Direct.  I am passionate about beading and hope to inspire others with accessible and wearable designs.”

Lisa Moon

“I’m a bead addict who loves bead weaving and bead embroidery. I have a passion for beads of all kinds but particularly love gemstones and glass beads because of the variety that they offer. I like to mix beautiful textiles such as Shibori and Indian silks with my bead embroidery as this gives any piece a richness of texture and colour and can really make a huge difference as either a background or focal point.

Starting a new project is always exciting and no matter how long you’ve been making jewellery there’s always so much more to learn and explore. Being selected to be a part of the Beads Direct team is really exciting! The company is long established and well respected, and was the first place I bought supplies for jewellery making so it feels very special to be able to say that I’m a part of that.

I’m really looking forward to developing my creativity through the huge range of products that Beads Direct offers and in expressing that creativity with materials that will hopefully inspire others to get involved too.”


Lynda Pearce

“I’m Lynda Pearce and I’m from South Wales. I’ve been a crafter since as long as I can remember and have been focusing on jewellery design since I started dabbling in 2005. I find it so addictive! I like to work with a wide range of media as I feel this gives the most scope for creativity, but I love wire work so many of my pieces have some wire in there somewhere. I am most associated with my beaded animal designs and hair pieces but I design all kinds of jewellery. I also write tutorials and deliver workshops.

I’m thrilled to be working with Beads Direct on these exciting new ideas! It’s a great opportunity to showcase our work as designers and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product with all the designs, as well as the kit with my name on it.”

Rosanna Gioielli

“I have always been passionate about fashion and design and I began as a teen by studying Fashion & Silver-smithery in Italy. Now, I have over 25 years’ experience, my designs have been regularly broadcasted on TV, I have worked with beauty contests such as Miss World and I have provided tutorials and classes for jewellery makers of various experience and I can say that my all-time favourite medium is wire-work. Some examples of this are my fashion-masks: designed for the red carpet, they reflect my more extravagant side. My other passion is bridal jewellery…bespoke jewellery, precious gemstones and love, what is there not to love?

I am Italo-English. I was born in the UK however I grew up in Italy and later returned to England with my daughter when I was about 29 years old. Currently I have started a new adventure and I am living in Malta to be close to my greatest inspiration: the sea. An interesting fact about me is that I completely taught myself wirework while looking for some new jewellery-making ideas as a teen.

I felt extremely grateful and flattered when I was chosen as a Beads Direct ambassador. This is a company that has always inspired me as it incorporates all the things I have always loved in life: craft, jewellery, designs and talented designers who I look up to for inspiration.

I hope that my projects will meet the expectations of the Beads Direct team and all you great jewellery makers; maybe it will lead to other collaborations between this great team and myself in the future. ”

Tracey Lorraine

“I have loved beading for about ten years.  In the early days I was excited creating simple earrings from wire and crystals!  It has simply grown from there. Yet I still feel that I am at the very beginning of a fabulous journey and opportunity.  I am lucky that the chance has arisen in my life for an artistic career – which is why sharing my knowledge with my tutorials is so important to me.  My favourite mediums are: seed beads, silver, bead embroidery and, of course, Swarovski crystals… but I never discount anything and have even worked with wool!

I am very excited to be invited to be an Ambassador for Beads Direct.  For me this is a fabulous opportunity.  I hope than I can continue to create new and well received designs, but more importantly, inspire those with a love of beads to explore beyond what they think they are capable of and help them succeed at it!”

Violetta Pretorius

“My name is Violetta Pretorius and I’m a bead artist. I love beading and am fascinated by possibilities of what can be created from tiny tubes of glass. My first completed jewellery piece was a beaded rope with embellishments which I made about 10 years ago. Since then I’ve been experimenting with different stitches and creating items with different bead sizes and shapes.

Recently I have started making more elaborate 3 dimensional beadwork using my favourite peyote stitch. I have been lucky to have been featured in Kate McKinnon’s Contemporary Geometric Beadwork Vol II.

I was simply thrilled when I heard that I was selected to be part of the Beads Direct team. I’m looking forward to a long creative partnership.”



The Beads Direct Design Team are a fabulous bunch of jewellery designer-makers who cover a broad variety of specialist mediums, who will be helping us to create jewellery projects for you to use across a variety of our materials – including Take A Make Break kits, gallery projects, Shine Online features and more.

Anne Waller

“Initially I trained as a Clinical Scientist and worked in several London based medical schools for over 20 years. I then spent several years working as a Pharmacy Dispenser and running an EBay shop selling beads and craft supplies. Recently I took early retirement from the NHS and now work as a self-employed Textile Artist and jewellery maker. I have also just started a City & Guilds in Embroidery.

I love experimenting and trying new techniques.  I enjoy using a range of techniques including weaving, Kumihimo, macramé, Soutache and Wirework; and have just started experimenting with resin and clay.

I am delighted and so excited to have been chosen to join the Beads Direct Design Team. I have been a happy customer since they first began over 10 years ago. To have the opportunity to create designs for them, and to share my creations with you all, is fantastic. I am so looking forward to my new creative journey, and to working alongside other members of the team that have given me so much inspiration over the years.”

Bev Woods

“My name is Bev Woods I am a 58 year old grandma, who took redundancy from a local government role to look after my grandchild and enjoy developing my crafting skills.  I’m sure many of you fellow crafters can appreciate the desire to get into your stash and create the masterpieces you have dreamed of.

I have always been a crafter and have explored all kinds of crafts. Knitting, beading, painting, drawing, card making, sewing were all taught at infant school.  Knitting and sewing have been a constant craft given the need to supply children and grandchildren with clothes.

My love of beads and jewellery making was rekindled when a friend introduced me to Sarah Millsop.  I started trying new techniques and I loved to research on the Internet what was in fashion, what trends, colours etc.. were up and coming.  I have had a number of trips to the states where many of the trends seem to start.

I enjoy working with all beads but my favourite has to be seed beads as they are so versatile.  They can be used to produce larger pieces of jewellery by weaving and mixing techniques. I really enjoyed creating flowers with the French beading techniques, they can be made to look like real flowers but will last longer. Resin is another of my favourite products as you can start with nothing and produce an excellent piece of jewellery.

My passion with jewellery making comes from being able to create something beautiful with a collection of bare elements.

I’m so excited about being chosen to join the design team for Beads Direct and I’m looking forward to creating some unique samples with their wonderful products. "

Caroline French

“I have been beading for about 12 years now and very quickly found that I loved the tiny seed beads and what could be made with them. This in turn led me to trying out bead-loom weaving, the rest as they say is history. I love being able to create detailed pictures on the loom and this is really my first love. I do make other designs with seed beads but the loom work is never very far away. The great variety of beads that are now available means I am never short of ideas to try out.

My thoughts on being selected as a designer. I have worked hard to try and raise the profile of bead looming and feel that I am finally being taken seriously with my loom work. I am looking forward to being able to share what can be achieved with a loom.”

Claire Broome
“I have always loved beading and last year decided to enrol on, and pass, a diploma with the London School of Jewellery, where I commuted, from Newcastle and back, one day each week. During this time I have covered a wide area of jewellery making with some fantastic tutors, including silversmithing, silver clay, beading, glass fusion and resin. More recently I discovered seaglass on Seaham beach, which has been tumbled and shaped by the waves over many years. I decided to incorporate my glass using silver, resin and drilling the pieces or using them in wire wrapping.

I am delighted to have been chosen from many applicants to be a designer with Beads Direct and look forward to being part of contributing to some fantastic beading tutorials.”

 Donna Sanders

“I’m a Mum, bead weaver, embroiderer, polymer clay artist and sometime cupcake baker. I’m also the owner of Delicate Sparkles and Beady Notions.  I work from our home in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire supervised by our cat, Orion and four leopard geckos.

I have been making jewellery/creating tutorials for the last 25 years or so. I am inspired by lots of things – a book or a line from a song, my surroundings or even just a particular bead or cabochon. I love bead embroidery and usually make it up as I go along, waiting for the beads to tell me where they want to go.

I was surprised, excited and a little nervous at being chosen as a designer for the Beads Direct team.  I am looking forward to the challenge of creating new pieces, possibly using materials that I wouldn’t normally use, and hopefully inspiring other beaders.”

Jill Unthank

Hi, I’m Jill & have been crafting in one way or another since I was a child. I am fortunate enough to be able to create jewellery full-time. I started with simple bead stringing, as many do, but soon developed a passion for using leather in my designs. I have a definite ‘less is more’ philosophy & am proud to say my simple leather wrap bracelets that I love & wear myself are my best sellers. But I also like to create unique pieces with a bit of sparkle or artisan beads – though leather often creeps in…

Applying on the spur of the moment, being chosen to be on the Beads Direct team was totally unexpected as there was so much interest. Saying I was overjoyed is an understatement; there was a lot of jumping around! I’m honoured to be part of the team & look forward to being challenged to use new materials, explore new techniques & step outside my comfort zone. Being able to share my designs with others is great & hopefully they may be a source of inspiration to others.


Natalie Edgeley

I’ve been hooked on beading for over five years now, and love making jewellery with seed beads and crystals most of all. I love a bit of sparkle in my designs too!

I’m really excited about becoming part of the Beads Direct team, I’m looking forward to sharing my designs using the latest beads.

Vicki Sharman

 My name is Vicki and I’m a 43 year old single mum to Octavia who is 15.  We live just outside of a small village called Blofield.

I love all types of crafting but playing with beads is my favourite pastime!  Sometimes I just sit in my craft room and chill.  I prefer working with crystals and semi-precious stones and have made many items for healing.  I like to think the bracelet I made my friend helped when she wanted to become pregnant.

My reaction to being picked to join the design team… Thank you, thank you, thank you!



And that’s all of our amazing new designers. What a fantastic bunch, hey!

You’re sure to be seeing more from the ladies over the coming months so keep an eye out for their names! In the meantime, why not go and explore their websites and social media pages using the links at the bottom of their intros?


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