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Pick ‘N’ Mix Macramé Bracelet by Jill Unthank

We heard from design team member Jill Unthank who couldn’t wait to get her hands on the NEW Tourmline Dyed Agate beads that just arrived! With all the pretty different colours we can see why she was excited. Each strand contains a gorgeous mix of peach, pinks and olive greens – a vibrant palette that’s perfect for Summer. Follow the tutorial below to learn how to make her pretty Pick ‘N’ Mix Macramé bracelet design.


Step 1. Measure out a piece of the leather twice the length of your required bracelet size plus 6” to allow for the knots and button hole.
String your Swarovski button onto the leather and tie an overhand knot.


Step 2. Pin to a macramé board or secure on a clipboard – this helps with the tension when knotting



Step 3. Measure out the satin cord. A good rule of thumb is to allow 8x the length of the finished bracelet. I always allow some more just in case!

Step 4. Begin square knotting your cord close to the knot. (If you’re unsure how to square knot watch this video)
I use 2 sets of square knots before introducing the bead. String your 4mm beads onto the satin cord – you will need approx. 15-20 beads on each string depending on length. A good tip is to cut the ends of the cord to a point & glue the tip as this creates a firm ‘needle’ to thread the beads on.

Step 5. After the first set of knots move a bead on each string in position and complete another 2 sets of square knots.


Step 6. Repeat until the bracelet is approx. ½” shorter than desired length, finishing with 2 sets of square knots.
Turn bracelet over and glue the threads with fevi kwik glue. Once dried you can snip off the excess cord.DSCN4668

Step 7. Tie another overhand knot in the leather and another a little further on ensuring your button will comfortably slip through the hole.



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