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Jewellery Making App - Perl’Art Launch | Jewellery Design Made Easy

We’ve partnered with an exciting, innovative app called Perl’Art that makes a jewellery makers life a breeze! The iPad app helps you design your jewellery, selecting individual components to help envision and plan your finished piece. For a limited time only Perl’Art is at a SPECIAL PRICE of just £17.99!  It’s so easy to get to grips with! We’ll show you just how easy it is in the step by step walk through below.


About Perl’Art

It has been ten years in the making – the first version was available in 2006. Since then, it has been perfecting its features and ease of use to deliver a top of the range tool, for anyone looking at alternative way to divulge their designs. What makes this a must-have is that it has been created by a jewellery maker – Lysann Lamontagne, who understands the thoughts and ideas that go into creating a piece of wearable jewellery, she is also eager to share her creativity with others. When teaching, Lysann had to use pen and paper to show her examples, but wanting to be able to do this quicker and more efficiently, she started to develop software that would allow her to be able to achieve this. This tool allowed her to produce designs using beads, strings and chains.

Early on major jewellery brands Swarovski and Preciosa were on board with the project, now, as the app has progressed, many more familiar faces have joined, including Starman and Miyuki. Now Beads Direct has had the pleasure of joining too, developing a partnership with Perl’Art to enable even more creative possibilities for its users. Whether you are a professional jewellery maker or just someone who wants a place to allow their creativity to flow, this app is for you. You can use for hours of enjoyment, experimenting with shapes and colours and developing unique patterns. Like what you create? Why not then develop your idea into something you can wear.

Perl’Art for iPad has massively progressed from its beginnings (it has had over 40,000 downloads) and continues to regularly update its features. Users are able to use the app to create grids for various seed beading techniques (e.g. peyote, RAW) as well as many other styles of jewellery. You can change the colour of the beads, add on charms and accessories (such as tags and clasps), draw stringing and chain lines, plus add in text around the designs to include information such as your thought processes behind the piece and the materials used.

An exciting part of the App is the shop. Here you can purchase add on packs such as beads, charms and accessories to give you even more options for your creations. As part of our partnership with Perl’Art we have developed our very own item for the shop – a pack of Sterling Silver charms. These charms can be worked into your pieces to add lovely finishing touches or heartfelt personalisation. Fallen in love with what you have come up with? Just head over to the Beads Direct website where you can purchase the charms.

For more information on Perl’Art check out their website.

Getting Started

First you will need to download the app onto your iPad (currently Perl’Art is only available for iPad).  

Open up the app, here you will see the home page; the main part of this page is where all your saved designs are kept.


The top part of the app has small icons with various functions.

In the top right hand corner of the home page there is a ‘help’ tab. This is really useful and can help you if you are struggling with how to use certain parts of the app. welcome

The ‘shop’ tab is where you can purchase extra items. Some of the packs in the shop are free and some you will have to pay a small fee for. beads

To create a design you will need to touch the ‘New’ icon in the top left hand corner. Before you do this you may wish to view the example on the home page. This takes you through the different features you can use to design with.

When you open a new page you are presented with a blank white page, this is your canvas for creating your design.

There are icons at the top of this page; the ones on the left hand side are your materials, one for beads (the menu is used alongside the beads option), one for stringing and one for adding text. The icons on this side are shown as picture symbols.


The icons on the top right hand side allow you to ‘save’ what you have made, ‘share’ your design via a wide variety of platforms, return to the ‘home’ page, and select other options.

When designing you will use the icons on the top left hand side, touch which material you want to start with, it will highlight in  colour the option you have chosen. Try adding beads and/or accessories onto the page, you can search for beads by their shape or brand, you may need to scroll to see all that’s available. Touch the bead that you want to use. 3

Depending on the type of bead you have chosen you may be able to choose from different sizes and colours. The bead can be rotated, so you can pick which angle to use it. Hold and drag the bead to place it down. You can add as many of the chosen bead as you like.


Whilst you have selected one of the top left hand sections a menu bar will appear at the bottom of the page. Use these to edit what you have put down on the page. You change the colour of the beads, add more of the same bead and also put them into a grid to create a seed bead design.

Add some stringing into your piece by using the stringing icon. Touch the line you have drawn to edit it; here you can turn it into chain if you wish, whilst also changing its colour.
image1 (2)

Once you are happy with what you have made why not add in text to describe what you have done. Be sure to save it, you can still go back in and edit the design. You can then rename the piece from the homepage.



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