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PANTONE Snorkel Blue | Colour of the Month

Hello April! We’re celebrating the new month with Pantone’s Spring colour ‘Snorkel Blue‘ a rich velvety sea-blue that will inspire our weekly designs. So look forward to taking a dip into the deep blue with new project designs brought to you by members of the Beads Direct team.

A maritime -inspired blue, PANTONE 19-4049 Snorkel Blue plays in the navy family, but with a happier, more energetic context. The name alone implies a relaxing vacation and encourages escape. It is striking yet still, with lots of activity bursting from its undertones.  – Leatrice Eiseman Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute

Snorkel Blue Outfit

So first up comes my make eek! I’ve been inspired by the torrential rain that loves to give the whole of the UK a good drenching, just as we think the weather is beginning to warm up! I’m not against the rain’s rather lovely to sit inside with a nice hot cup of tea, watch the rain out the window and listen to the gentle sounds of the raindrops patter on the ground. Thinking about it, I actually kind of need the rain for my little allotment in Nottingham, so need those shimmery drops to help my fruits and veggies grow! I’ve been keen to try out a felt-y project to practice my stitching and embellishing skills. So I bring you my April Showers Necklace with Swarovski drops and deep blue felt matching the ‘Snorkel Blue’ theme.

April Shower Necklace sq

You will need…
Miyuki Delica size 11 beads steel blue (DB514)
Swarovski drop pendants x2 packs (AC341)
KO beading thread grey (TC306)
KO beading thread black (TC304)
Beading needle (W474)
Navy blue felt (ST202)
Back backing felt (ST205)
Sterling Silver Connector Chain (SS132)
Jumprings (F0212)
Pencil & paper


1. Draw out a cloud shape template (approx 5cm high x 8cm wide) onto paper, cut this out and pin it to the blue felt. Cut out the felt shape going around the outside of the paper template.

2. Thread your needle with the black KO thread and stitch on your first seed beads to the left side of the cloud,  going through the back of the felt first, through the hole of the seed bead, around the outside of the bead and back through the felt. Repeat this sticth a couple of time to secure the thread in place. Continue to sew the seed beads in a random pattern.

3. Swap your thread to the silver KO and stitch a few lines onto the right side of the cloud. Try to keep them parallel to look like rain falling.

4. Now to stitch the blue felt to the black backing. DO NOT CUT the black backing until you have fully sewn all around it! To do this, place the two pieces of felt together so the cloud sits on top – you could pin this like we did at the beginning to keep it in place. Starting at the top about 3mm away from the edge of the cloud, sew through the black backing and out of the cloud. Now go back through the black felt from the top and as close to the edge of the cloud as possible (when we cut around it later you don’t want to cut the thread by mistake!). Repeat the stitch in the same place again to secure the thread. The thread will create a line towards the outside of the cloud. Continue to stitch this way a few centimeters apart, around the outside of the whole cloud to secure it to the backing. Finish by sewing through the same place a few times, knot the end and cut the thread.Stitch

5. Cut out the pendant, being careful not to cut the threads you just stitched.

6. To make the raindrops, snip of the metal drop from 4 extension chains and replace with the Swarovski crystals using a jumpring for each. For this design the length of chains (excl. the drop) measure 3cm (x2), 2cm and 1.5cm. Cut the chain to this length or create your own design. Attach a jumpring to the top of the chain and stitch this to the back of the backing felt, making sure the jumpring wont be visible from the front.Jumprings

7. Attaching the necklace chain is the same as the raindrops! Open the middle of the connectors, attach a jumpring to either end and stitch this to the outer edges of the cloud – making sure they are even and level.

Your cute cloud necklace is now complete! Enjoy wearing it


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