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Padded Christmas Tree Decoration

There’s so many different ways to use beads in your festive decorations! This cute, soft Christmas Tree decoration is the perfect afternoon project and is so fun to personalise to match your decor style. Start your project with everything you need below.

Project Materials

  • Christmas colours seed bead mix
  • Preciosa pressed glass flower beads
  • Green felt
  • White polyester stuffing/filling
  • Green beading thread
  • Beading needle


Project Tutorial

Step 1. Print out your Christmas tree template on a4 paper (print from pdf here) and cut out the shapes.

Step 2. Place both tree shapes on the green felt using as little of the fabric as possible so you can have felt left over for another project. Pin your paper trees in place and carefully cut them out.

Step 3. Take a length of green thread for sewing (however much you are comfortable sewing with) and thread on a needle.

Step 4. Place the two trees together and starting at the base of the tree, start sewing them together. I’ve chosen to use simple edge stitches around the hem but you could choose to use an invisible stitch or a neat running stitch instead. Secure your thread with a knot by making a loop on the edge and threading through the loop before pulling it tightly. Continue to stitch all the way around your tree shape, catching both felt trees in each stitch.


Step 5. Finish stitching approximately 5cm from where you started, leaving an open gap.

Step 6. Take some of your white wadding and take some time to fill your Christmas tree through the gap you’ve left. Use a pencil to push any wadding into corners you can’t reach. It’s up to you how much you use and how full your tree is.

Step 7. Once you’re happy with your tree, sew up the gap, adding a little more wadding into this small gap before you finish sewing, if you need to. Once you’re happy your tree is sewn up, tie a knot on the edge and thread into the tree, and up through the front of the felt. Trim this thread where it exits the front of the tree and your tail thread is hidden inside the design.

Step 8. Now it’s time to add your decorations! I’ve chosen a Christmas theme seed bead mix to make lines of draping fairy lights across the tree. To do this, take a new length of thread and secure it about 2cm from the top of the tree on one side. Thread on a selection of colourful seed beads and hold this up against the tree to see how many you need to make a nice draping shape. I added 14 beads and then sewed through the other side to secure it. Don’t pull too tightly, as you want the seed beads to hang slightly.

Step 9. From this side, thread on more seed beads (I used 21 beads) And choose a place on the opposite side to secure these fairy lights. Continue this process all the way down. On my tree, I made 5 drapes and used the following amounts of seed beads – 14 beads, 21 beads, 28 beads, 31 beads and 36 beads on the last drape.

Step 10. Once you’re happy with your design here, secure this thread in place where the final beads were attached. Knot and hide your tail threads.

Step 11. Next I chose to add little Preciosa pressed flower beads as little pops of colour and sparkle on the tree. Take a new length of thread and secure it to one side. Sew into the tree and exit through the front where you’d like your first bead to sit. Thread through a flower bead and add a seed bead. Thread back down through the flower bead and back into your tree. Pass the needle under the felt and up into the next nearest spot you’d like your next flower. Pull the thread to sit your seed bead firmly on top of your flower bead, securing it in place.

Step 12. Continue to place flower beads all over your tree in the gaps between your rows of seed beads. Once you are happy that you have added enough flower beads, tie off your thread on an edge and hide your tail threads.

Step 13. Finally, I added a star at the top and a loop to hang the decoration from. To make your star, thread 5 seed beads onto a length of thread, thread around the same 5 beads again to make a circle.

Step 14. Threading out of one seed bead, add a new seed bead in between each of the 5 around the circle.

Step 15. Next, exiting through one of the new seed beads, pick up 3 seed beads and thread through the next one of the seed beads that are sticking outwards.

Step 16. Continue around until you have added all 5 points to your star. Weave your thread into your star, knotting along the way and trim off the excess thread when you are happy it won’t unravel.

Step 17. Take a new length of thread and secure it to the side of your Christmas tree, almost at the top. Thread through the side and pass your thread out the front of the tree, where you will attach your star. Pass through the centre of your star, pick up a flower bead and a seed bead. Thread back down through the flower bead (missing the seed bead) and down through the star, back into the tree. Thread out of the very top point of the tree.

Step 18. Pick up about 20 seed beads and thread back down through the top of the tree to secure a loop on top of the tree. Thread around this loop a couple of times to secure it properly and then knot your excess thread to the felt again. Trim off the excess once you’ve hidden your thread.

You’ve now finished your tree! To take your design further, you can cover both sides with the same design. Another idea is to use all gold (or blue, red, silver – any colour you want!) seed beads, flower beads and thread to give your tree a different look!

I hope you enjoyed making your Christmas decoration x


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