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Ocean Spiral Jewellery Set

This gorgeous jewellery set was designed by Penny Matthews and uses shining turquoise tone copper craft wire, memory wire and matching aqua tone seed beads to make accessories that are perfect for Summer! Follow our tutorial below to learn how to make Penny’s Ocean Spiral Jewellery Set.

Project Materials

  • Size 6 aqua seed beads
  • Size 8 silver seed beads
  • Silver plated 0.5mm copper craft wire
  • Aqua tone 0.5mm copper craft wire
  • Memory wire 22mm size rings
  • Silver lobster clasp
  • Silver plated jump rings
  • Silver plated earwires
  • Silver plated chain

You may also need

  • Memory wire pliers and cutters
  • Flat, round and cutter jewellery pliers


Project Tutorial

Step 1. To make your earrings – Cut a ring off of your memory wire coil. Using your round nose pliers, carefully loop each end of the memory wire ring inwards. The ring should measure approx. 1 to 1.5" across. Link these two loops together with a jump ring (see the main image of the earrings).

Step 2. Take a 20cm length of wire turquoise tone copper craft wire. Starting on one side of your memory wire ring, wrap a tight coil from one side to the other using your turquoise wire. Once you have wrapped approximately half of the entire ring, stop and start to wrap back on top of the coil.

Step 3. Thread on a size 6 aqua seed bead and wrap once more around the original coil. Continue to wrap on 5 seed beads as shown on the image of the earrings. To finish your wire, wrap it tightly a couple of times at the end. As long as you have wrapped your wire as tightly as you can, the coil should hold itself in place and won’t unravel.

Step 4. To finish you earring, attach an earwire to your jumpring. Repeat the process to make a second earring.

Step 1. To make your necklace – Cut 3 rings of memory wire as you did before. Take one of these rings and loop each end inwards as you did before. Put this to one side.

Take a second ring of memory wire and cut it in half. Loop each end of this half inwards and curve the ring more to make it resemble a smaller version of the original sized ring. Be careful not to bend the wire out of shape.

Take the third ring and cut this in half again. Instead of repeating what you did before, this time, loop each end outwards on each of these two halves.

Step 2. Take your first ring of wire and 20cm of turquoise wire. Wrap this in the same way as you did for your earring adding aqua seed beads.

Step 3. Take your smaller ring of memory wire and take a 20cm length of silver 0.5mm copper craft wire. Wrap this in the same way as you did before, using the size 8 silver seed beads instead.

Step 4. Link the small ring and the normal ring together with a jumpring on each side. This is the centre of the necklace.

Step 5. Take your two halves of memory wire with the loops turned outwards. Cover the wire with a coil of turquoise wire and wrap on 3 aqua seed beads.

Step 6. Link one of these to each side of your turquoise ring with the silver ring attached, using a jumpring.

Step 7. Decide how long you want your necklace to be. Cut two lengths of chain measuring that length and attach one to each side of the centre necklace using a jumpring. Attach a jumpring to the other ends of the chain and attach a lobster clasp to one of these to finish.

Designed by Penny Matthews.



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