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NEW Nunn Design Jewellery Kits

The new Nunn Design kits are perfect for those who want to have a go at using crystal clay, but are not sure where to get started! These cute little kits are neatly packaged and contain everything you need to make their pictured design. Choose from a stunning necklace or earring kit, both available in either antique silver or antique gold. Once made, you have a stylish piece of jewellery handmade by yourself! If you like the materials you have been working with then why not take a look at the other Nunn Design items here.

Follow the step by step instructions and watch the video project below to learn how best to use your new kit.

Each kit comes with full instructions, a bezel, clay, crystals, beeswax coated toothpick and findings to then turn them into a beautiful piece of wearable jewellery.

componentHere we are going to show you how to use your new necklace kit!

Please note – you will also need jewellery pliers and wet wipes. Latex gloves are included.

1. Put on the latex gloves provided and take out the two parts of clay from their packaging. (Please note that you have 2 ½ hours to work with the clay once it is out of the packaging, after this the crystals will no longer stick).

2. Mix the two parts of the clay until the clay is one colour.

3. Push the clay into the bezel, pinch and pat the clay creating a high dome.

4. Use the beeswax stick to pick up the little chaton crystals. Pick them up on the crystal side, pushing the foiled part into the clay. It is best to start from the outside and work your way in.

5. Once you are happy the crystals are all in place, press lightly to ensure they are embedded. Remove any excess clay and leave to cure for 14-16 hours.

6. When the clay is ready you can then assemble the necklace by attaching on the chain and toggle using jump rings. The larger 9mm oval jump ring is used to attach the pendant to the chain. Add the pearl to the headpin, create a loop and attach to the base of the pendant.



Your necklace is ready to wear! These beautiful Nunn Design jewellery kits make amazing gifts to budding jewellery makers!

Choose your necklace or earring kit here.






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